England vs New Zealand quiz.

How much do you remember about previous England vs New Zealand battles? Here are ten questions to test your knowledge with the answers down at the bottom of the page. Good Luck.

1. Which batsmen did Alastair Cook knock off the top spot of England all time run scorers in tests in 2015?

a. Geoffrey Boycott

b. Graham Gooch

C. Alec Stewart

2. How many was England bowled out for in the first test match last time they played New Zealand?

a. 60

b. 58


3. How many balls did it take Ben Stokes to score the fastest century at Lords in 2015?

a. 79

b. 81

c. 85

4. What was the final boundary count that England won on in the World Cup Final?

a. 26-21

b. 26-17

c. 28-22

5. Who took 7-43 at Trent Bridge in 2008?

a. James Anderson

b. Ryan Sidebottom

c. Stuart Broad

6. In England’s first completed ODI after the 2015 World Cup how many English batsmen scored a hundred?

a. 3

b. 1

c. 2

7.  In the infamous tied ODI in Napier 2008 what was the boundary count in Paul Collingwood’s 54*?

a. 4×4, 6×3

b. 0x4, 6×6

c. 7×4, 6×4

8. What score was Graham Thorpe on when he was dropped on his way to making 200 in Christchurch?

a. 4

b. 11

c. 2

9. Who was standing in as captain for England in the final ODI in the summer 0f 2008 after Collingwood was suspended for a slow over rate?

a. Andrew Strauss

b. Kevin Pietersen

c. Ian Bell

10. Complete this well known piece of commentary, “England win by the barest of margins, by….?”

a. the love of god they’ve won

b. the barest of all margins

c. an absolute whisker

The Answers are below.

  1. Cook went past Graham Gooch who had scored 8900 Test Match runs.
  • England was bowled out for 58 in Auckland.
  • Stokes scored his century of 85 balls which made it the fastest at Lords in tests.
  • The final boundary count was 26-17, the rule has now been changed where if the super over is tied they have another one until there is a winner.
  • James Anderson took his then career best of 7-43 in 2008. His test best now is 7-42 against the West Indies when he claimed his 500th victim.
  • Two England batsmen scored centuries against New Zealand at Edgbaston in 2015. It was their first completed game after their dismal World Cup campaign and kick stared their road to glory.
  • Collingwood’s 54* consisted of 0x4 and 6×6. The right handed batsmen took a shine to a short leg side boundary at Napier.
  • Graham Thorpe was on 4 when he was dropped in the slips before compiling a superb 200. Wouldn’t however be the best double hundred in that match though.
  • Kevin Pietersen was the stand in captain as Collingwood was suspended because of a slow over rate. Collingwood was probably slightly grateful of the respite due to the Elliot run out incident in the previous match.
  1. Of course you don’t need me to say, we all hear Ian Smith saying “by the barest of all margins”.      

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