Ashes 2005 Quiz

How much of the greatest series of all time do you remember?

1. Which player was the leading run scorer in the 2005 Ashes series?

a. Andrew Flintoff

b. Marcus Trescothick

c. Kevin Pietersen

d. Michael Vaughan

2. At the close of the fifth day at Old Trafford how many runs did Australia need for victory?

a. 51




3. How many wickets did Shane Warne take in the series?

a. 32

b .40

c. 29

d. 33

4. How many 6’s did Pietersen hit in his 158 at The Oval?

a. 9

b. 8

c. 4

d. 7

5. Who had the best bowling average in the series?

a. Shane Warne

b. Andrew Flintoff

c. Ricky Ponting

d. Simon Jones

6. Which ground didn’t host a test match?

a. Trent Bridge

b. Headingley

c. Old Trafford

d. Edgbaston

7. Which commentator was not part of Channel 4’s commentary team for the series?

a. Ian Smith

b. Geoffrey Boycott

c. Tony Greig

d. Michael Atherton

8. Who won the Man of the Match award at Trent Bridge in the 4th test?

a. Ashley Giles

b. Simon Jones

c. Shane Warne

d. Andrew Flintoff

9. How many players did England use during the series? (Not including subs)

a. 12

b. 11


d. 13

10. How many years had it been since England last won the Ashes before 2005?

a. 19

b. 18

c. 21

d. 13

Scroll down for the answers

1. c. Kevin Pietersen

2. a. 51

3. b .40

4. d. 7

5. c. Ricky Ponting

6. b. Headingley

7. a. Ian Smith

8.  d. Andrew Flintoff

9. a. 12

10. b. 18

2 thoughts on “Ashes 2005 Quiz

  1. I am going to call you out on your answer to the final question – England’s last Ashes winning series was 1986-7 in Australia which makes the last time they had won the Ashes 18/19 years earlier – they surrendered the urn in 1989 which was 16 years earlier – 16 years was not given as a possible, 19 was and relates to the start of the 1986-7 Ashes. There is no conceivable justification for your given answer of 17 (and 19 which I went for is tenuous – the correct answer if you opt for a winning series is actually 18 using 87 part ’86-87 and if you date it from the official surrender of the urn in ’89 it is 16). Otherwise it is a fine quiz – I got one question wrong, the Trent Bridge MOM one.


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